Gift Handmade: Silk Bauble Necklaces

My favorite look from Fashion week was this gal below. So bold and so unique. I am not sure where you can buy such lovely necklaces but I will show you a way to make one of your own for less than $10. How does that sound? You can totally make as long and as bold as you want! I have more plans for these:)

Dupioni Silk Fabric - 1/4-1/2 yard in each color (Joann's or etsy!
Wooden spheres - Varying sizes (found in wood aisle of Hobby Lobby sold by the bag)
Needle and Thread (optional)

1. Cut fabric in strips wide enough to cover wooden spheres once over and a little more to give. (4-6 inches depending on size), and the length of the yard.
2) Twist and wrap a knot 4-6 inches from edge of your fabric.
3) Add a sphere, wrap around and twist to knot. Repeat desired amount of times. If your necklace is longer you will need to stitch to lengths together.
Optional: Add gold jump rings around each knot for additional glam.

*Edges will fray so trim at the ends or spray fray check!

Very simple and a very fun statement. Gift these to your accessory loving friends! 
Would love to see pics if you make them!

P.S. Check out Design Love Fest today for the scoop on Blogshop ATL and pics of the decor results. (Love those girls:))


  1. What a great project, and love seeing how you interpreted the inspiration shot!

  2. They look so neat! Great DIY for such a fun piece.

  3. I am totally going to make some. They're so fun! I think they could be a great gift for my nieces.


  4. Your DIY version is so perfect! It looks JUST like the inspiration photo!

  5. so clever! xx

  6. This is lovely! I just adore the bright punchy colors. Hope you're set for a great weekend. I've got holiday crafting in store. :)

  7. Very, very cool! It's kind of like part scarf, part necklace. I actually think I can handle this DIY!

  8. That is a cute idea!


  9. Great DIY. Love the color combo.

  10. So colourful. I adore this sort of jewellery.xx

  11. So pretty. And bet you could make the same into bracelets as well...

  12. I am making some gifts this year, and this is a great idea! I might just have to try it!


  13. So pretty. And I love the rich, saturated colors you picked. I might have to use this idea for a few xmas gifts this year!


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