Advent Pocket Calendar DIY

I told him to pull something out of the pockets, and he went straight for Day 23!
He told me it said "Good morning Gabriel one two six." Not exactly, but close enough;)

Did you have an advent calendar growing up? We had an ornament one that we would re-stuff with the same ornaments every year just for the fun of opening those doors each day. My mom had a Jesse tree for us as well. I wanted to continue the advent countdown with my family so I actually made this advent calendar a few years ago. This is the first year little Gabriel really understands what Christmas is ("a big birthday party for Jesus"), so Gabe and I are looking forward to introducing him to all the wonder Christmas can bring.  I filled these pockets with sweets and a daily gospel passage. By Christmas Eve, the whole nativity story will be read. Its a simple way of keeping the advent focus of preparing for the best day of the year! (Advent actually means coming in Latin, so its a whole four weeks to prepare for the "coming" of the King.) I hope he comes to love this tradition. 

Burlap Fabric (28 in. wide x 44 in. long folded in half)
24 Muslin Drawstring Bags  3.5 x 4.5 in. (find some here or here)
Red cardstock or linen paper
Circle or scallop punch
Hole punch
Wooden rod (3 ft.)
Gold ink (optional)

1) Fold your burlap in half and spread your pockets evenly across in rows.
2) Hot glue the sacks on the back edges (place paper or something inside so it doesn't glue top) to fabric.
3) Punch the red paper with a shape you like, and add number stamps (or hand draw).
4. Hole punch the scallop circles and loop through and tie to each bag in sequence.
5. Decorate your muslin bags. I used the end of a pencil and carved a triangle to stamp gold patterns. 
6. Place calendar over wooden rod, tie ribbon on each end and hang wherever you like!
7. Fill with surprises of your choice. If you would like to use the daily gospel readings, I made a printable sheet you can download for free here. 

Do you have a fun advent calendar post you want to share? Leave the link:)
Hope you all have a happy advent season!
Love, Anna


  1. How fun! You have a cute advent calendar and a cute little boy too :) I started an advent calendar last year and E loved it!

  2. Awesome Anna!! My sisters and I just finished a Jesse Tree Ordament Exchange - I based mine off of Meg K's here... I love her tree! http://handmadebymegk.blogspot.com/2011/11/advent-calendar-part-finished.html <3 the tradition!!!

  3. I love this, Anna! What a neat idea to read the whole nativity story throughout Advent. Your kiddos are so lucky to have been born into a family of tradition-lovers! :)

  4. great idea, Anna! I think we will hold off until next year since Moo won't understand at all, but I need to remember this! :)I am looking for an advent wreath though...might DIY? Hmm.


  5. this is so cute! we had one as kids that my grandma made. It was a felt tree and every day a new ornament would be put up on the tree. I just made a "brown bag advent calendar" for my niece where each day she gets a little treat :).

  6. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing. Will definitely include this in my links round-up tomorrow. :)

  7. So adorable! My Mom would always get those little disposable advent calendars with chocolate behind each door. I love the tradition you are creating for your son.

  8. So sweet! I love this. I actually made one last year, I love the tradition. -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

  9. Very cute! I love the little triangle pattern on the pouches.

  10. How cute is that calendar!? We have one that is a snowman! Adorbs!


  11. Anna, how to you break up the story for each day?:) I am wanting to do the same with Wyatt:)

  12. I still get one every year from my Mom haha! I LOVE this idea!!!

  13. This is so precious.

  14. this is so sweet, anna! i love advent calendars and had various ones growing up. they have little cardboard ones here in italy with sweets behind doors, but i like your idea of making it fabric so it becomes an heirloom!

  15. such a sweet idea, pinned it

  16. Love the fabric. What a great idea!

  17. Lovely idea! My kids LOVED these calendars, and would like one ven now ... Happy weekend to you!

  18. So fun! I purchased this lovely one from etsy this year and am soooo excited for it!

  19. love this idea!!! something i would like to do as well when I have kids!!

  20. this is so great! i love advent calendars :) yours is so unique too!


  21. This is great!! We had an advent felt board that we'd get to stick a new person from the manger scene on each day. It was fun...and I definitely wanted to make sure I was the one who got to put baby Jesus on the board ;) He's so cute, Anna!

  22. An adorable Advent calendar! I think if I ever have kids, I would definitely incorporate a tradition like this :)

  23. So cute! I love homemade advent calendars. Then you can put whatever you like in the pockets. x

  24. Has to be the nicest-looking advent calendar ever--and love that it's reusable. So classy and cute!


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