3 Yards of Chain = 3 Statement Pieces (DIY)

I admit I miss having an etsy shop and designing jewelry pieces (I don't miss the crazy hours), so I will just continue to get my fix by sharing some statement jewelry DIY's with all of you, and hopefully give you all some fun ideas for the upcoming holidays:)

Here is a DIY that you can do with just 3 yards of Cable chain...

3 yards of varying cable chain styles. I used:
1 yard large Acrylic chain (Tortoise or color)
1 yard 14 mm Textured Metal Chain
1 yard 9-10 mm cable chain (found mine at F21, but similar here or here)
Also good chain selection on Etsy.
1 Large Jump Ring
You can find all these supplies at a craft store or etsy.

(Polka dot tee- HM, also at F21)

Statement Necklace 1: 
1) Measure out your large acrylic cable chain to fit around your neck and over your head (no clasp needed). Remove extra cables.
2) Lay first necklace piece on the table and fit your medium cable chain inside of the larger chain to help measure appropriate length. Using your pliers remove amount of cable length needed.
3) Keeping the end of the chain open, slide on the last set of 10mm chain and close the end shut.
4) Measure the last chain a few inches shorter than medium chain to layer, and remove excess chain with pliers. Add your large jumpring to the other end of your small chain and attach to the last link of the medium.
5)Add your large lobster claw to one end (I had bronze on hand but there are gold ones available), and try all three pieces on to make sure they fall correctly in length.

Statement Bracelet:
6) With excess chain from your 10 mm chain, attach a jump ring and medium lobster clasp to one end. Measure to wrap around your wrist 2-3 times, and remove excess with pliers. The clasp will link onto the last link well. 

Statement Necklace 2:
Using your excess cable chain from your large acrylic and textured chains, measure together to fit and slide over your head. Slide textured chain ends inside each end of the large acrylic links.
Very simple and easy!

This project took 15 minutes for all three pieces! 

And I may just be giving one of these lovelies away on the facebook page;) Stay tuned!
Have a beautiful day~
Love, Anna


  1. OMG, this is awesome! And obvi great photos!

  2. You're so creative! Love them.


  3. Love the bracelet and the colour accent is so fun. I can't believe how simple this was. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Didn't think I could be more obsessed with heavy gold chain... and then you go in and mix in that faux tortoise shell chain. Great idea!

    ... and what's that you said... you are a beaut :)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  5. LOVE how it turned out! tortoise chain is gorgeous!


    Fashion Fractions

  6. love love :) just entered on your facebook page!

  7. So cute, Anna! Love this!
    -Laura at www.klusterblog.com

  8. Absolutely crazy about the tortoise links! Thanks for sharing!


  9. I love these necklaces, especially the version you're modeling so beautifully :) Another one of your aweomse DIYs that's a must-pin (and must-do!).

  10. Very nice! I've been really enjoying creating unique pieces of jewelry and i love how popular chains are right now. this is really cute!!

    danielle @detrimentalbeauty.com

  11. I love this post! The first option is my fave and I hope I find time to try it ^^ x

  12. I love that first one! I'm going to ask my friend who makes jewelry to make me one. Thanks for the idea!

  13. LOOOVE this. very cool. do you have recommendations on where to buy chain actually? i made a dainty bracelet, but the 'gold' totally wore off :(

  14. I love all your DIY projects! The mix of gold chains and tortoise shell is so pretty!

  15. I'm in love with that tortoise chain! Great DIY!

  16. Anna--I LOVE love this! Gahh you come up with the BEST diys! I want to make them all.

  17. You're always coming up with something! Love these DIYs. Very cute!

  18. Love all of your ideas!! So cute! xox

  19. Oooh - so pretty! You've inspired me (again!) This is why I never throw away my jewelry - you never know what else you can do with it. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Such a great DIY! Thanks for sharing! -jb.



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