Style - Long Weekend Glam

My lovely friend Ann (daily-ann-tidote) and I finally got our act together to bring you another style spread. Just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend shopping trips:) Here are a few favorites we found...

Delia Romper - Trina Turk - 188$
Field Nap Necklace - Anthropologie - 188$
Raffia Hat - Athleta - 40$
Metallic Miller Thongs - Tory Burch - 188$

I know...although we would all love to spend our paychecks on Anthropologie or Trina Turk, sometimes Target does the job:) We did the searching so you don't have to. Here is a similar look that is budget friendly:)...

Romper/Cardigan Outfit - Target - 15$
Floppy Straw Hat - Gap - 30$
Beaded Dangle Bib Necklace - Target - 40$
Grecian Flat Sandals - Target - 18$

Hope you enjoy your long weekend! Its a great weekend to remember those fighting for our country and those who died doing so. I for one, am so grateful for these men and women who fight for our freedom. See you Monday with a new fabulous blogger to introduce you to!


  1. Great looks, I hope the weather was more according for these. Well it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to enjoy the long weekend!
    Have a great time Anna!! xo

  2. Love the beach look, but am enchanted by that colourful and happy headscarf. Do enjoy your long weekend, sweetie, hope you are near the beach:-)

  3. cuuuute. i just bought my first romper from target this weekend and i can't wait to wear it this holiday weekend!!

  4. I love that you went out and did all the "work" for us so we can just enjoy the eye candy. Also enjoying that you included the more frugal options as well. (My husband thanks you!) hehehe

    I love those fun ole' floppy hats and that necklace from Antrho... *sigh*
    I doubt I could ever pull off a Romper, but to those that can, more power to ya. :)

    Have a lovely weekend Anna!



  5. Oh, I REALLY need to get over to Target! Thanks for the finds, though I adore Anthro, you could get 10 things at Target for the price of one blouse at Anthropologie! So happy to have stumbled upon your lovely world here, proud to be your newest follower! Cheers!

  6. that target romper is really cute...target rules!

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  8. I love that romper!! It is so cute and I wish I was able to wear stuff like that to work. Great for going to the office and out afterwards!

  9. I love this! I have that Target romper and LOVE it!

  10. loving this style spread!!! amazing.

    i've missed your blog! thank you so much for your comments while i've been away! trying to get get back into the swing of things! ah!

    have an amazing memorial day weekend anna!

  11. I totally adore that first look you ladies have put together! I wish i could find a romper like that. And have a great weekend up ahead!

  12. What gorgeous looks! I've featured that Athleta hat before too. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet!!

  13. LOVING the straw hat! Makes me want to garden:)

    Don't you just love finding looks for less?!

    Have a great weekend:)

  14. So glad you included both price ranges, we can dream about the expensive but go cheap in the meantime!

  15. So cute! I only wish it would stop raining here long enough that I could even think of venturing outside in this outfit! :D

  16. i'm in love with floppy hats! just wish i lived near a beach so i could wear one more often!

  17. Love that romper! These are great, love how you did these:) Hope you have a great long weekend!


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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