DIY: Make Your Day Designs

This is the perfect girl to feature for both artistry and DIY inspiration! I have been wanting to try tackling my sewing machine lately, so when Colbey showed me her beautiful website, my jaw dropped. SUCH beautiful design patterns. Handbags, clutches, crib bumpers....you can DIY! After reading her testimonials, I am convinced it will be achievable:) 

In her own words: "I never thought of myself as crafty, but as someone who loved smart clean design.  After years of pursuing a corporate career I found myself going in a completely different direction, I will be officially launching my debut collection May 21-23 at International Quilt Market...I design clean, sophisticated sewing patterns that give individuals access to high-end design that they can create themselves."

Thank you Colbey for sharing your talent with us!


  1. So many things to do myself! It's so fantastic. I don't think of myself as crafty either, but I'm trying to break out of that way of defining myself.

  2. Oh goody...I was given a new sewing machine by my mother inlaw for my birthday and am itching to get cracking...but am a real amateur so..something like this will be very hand for a few first DIY sewing projects. Thanks lovely x

  3. Wherever we look these days we find talented women starting their own businesses all over. It's really inspires me to take a look at myself and try to figure out what I really wanna do with my life, how my days should look like.... I'm more than ever inspired and looking for my calling, hopefully I'll find it soon. :)


  4. oh my so many ideas!! where to start? :)

  5. I met Colbey at market and this lady will be famous one day! She is fabulous along with all her designs! Powerful woman!

    Pamie G.

  6. OMG, my eyes are dazed from all these lovely patterns. What an inspiring talent.

    I am so convinced we all can DIY. :)

  7. I love DIY's so I am off to check this out right now! thanks!

  8. I get so excited when I know it's Thursday because I get to come over to your blog and find what great DIY idea you have for the week. Once again, you didn't disappoint!

    I really want to get more into sewing and this might be the perfect way. Yay!!


  9. really lovely patterns!
    everything is possible


  10. Wow - these are fantastic - such beautiful patterns! And when someone asks you really will be able to say "I made it myself". Great find!

  11. I have been playing with DIY in my new house, and it's so satisfying! These are so beautiful! thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend.


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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