Tuesday News: Introducing BLANQI Body Stylers!

Do you remember my friend Natalie? Well her sister is also super talented....Valerie and her best friend Sabina, both mothers themselves, first introduced me to BLANQI when they asked me to model for their up and coming Pregnancy Body Styler line. LET ME TELL YOU, these are a motherhood MUST HAVE! They just launched BLANQI at Nordstroms! I can't wait to get my hands on one. After getting to try one during the photoshoot, I can tell you there is nothing else like it available on the market....It is comfortable, versatile, and stylish! So read on for more about this dynamic duo who pursued a dream, and made it a reality. Show some love!

This is when I was 9 months pregnant with my son Gabriel:) 
Yeah, I don't look like this on an average day...


So, which way would you wear it? With your 5 inch Jimmy Choos are yoga pants? ;) I say both.


  1. anna- these photos are awesome! gaber has a hot mama! love you

  2. Wow, what an opportunity! This sound like a fab line and you looked gorgeous my friend!

  3. So, where was this when I was preggers? Geesh! And OMG, you looked amazing!

  4. this is just fantastic and i was so excited when natalie told me about these. they're killer. i'm so glad we've "met" and are followers. you rock. so does your blog. i love it.

  5. anna!! i never saw those photos from the photoshoot... look at your hot mama!! thanks so much for posting bout blanqi! i'm so proud of val and sabina..it's really taking off!! i can't wait to try mine on..i think it should get here soon!! maybe i'll do some poses like you haha....or not. ;) glad you stopped by and saw my blog swap going on right now!! carissa is awesome isn't she??

  6. Oh my goodness, Anna! I always knew you were gorgeous, but to look like that at 9 months pregnant~ wow! Congrats, and those look fantastic. If I were having any more (I'm NOT!) I would have to have one!

  7. girl you look GOOD at 9 months!!! glad to know that someone is making pregnancy look like it's supposed to.... BEAUTIFUL

  8. BEAUTIFUL! I can only hope to look half as good as you did at 9 months. What a great product. They will hit it big time at Nordys!

  9. Look at you little model :-)

    I hope to look 1/2 as good as you did when I'm preggers ;-) I will spread the word about this to my pregnant lovlies.

    I miss you Anna!

  10. wow, that looks really amazing! <3
    i've never been pregnant myself, but i think it's so important to have pretty and comfy clothing while you're pregnant.

    And gosh, how absolutely beautiful do you look!
    You are so pretty and you just shine...

    Lots of LOVE,

  11. That is so neat! Anna you are one hot momma! Seriously, you are so beautiful! I'll have to remember blanqi for future reference...way in the future reference.

  12. Wow, I hope whenever I get pregnant, I am lucky to look as good as you at 9 months. You look amazing!!


  13. Hi Anna,
    OMG, if I looked remotely like you did when I was pregnant I sure would have had more than one child. Pregnancy sure does agree with you...you look amazing as a pregnant woman. I'm sure non pregnant too. What a pretty woman you are!!
    By the way were was this little ditty years ago? Geeze, have things changed!!
    Have a good day may friend!!

  14. When the time comes, I hope to take care of myself as great as these ladies :)

  15. I'm not pregnant but that looks really cool for ladies who are! And you? You look GORGEOUS!

    I love the name Gabriel BTW.

  16. So cute!! ♥ it! You rocked the 9 month belly!

  17. you look AMAZING in these pics!! they were smart to choose you for the photoshoot bc you look gorgeous and real all at the same time!

  18. You are gorgeous! You look awesome pregnant and not pregnant too.


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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