Meet the Blogger: Lauren Willhite of Color Collective

 Lauren Willhite, Color Collective

Start us off with 5 words that describe you:

Describe your job, and the best things about it...

I'm currently doing freelance graphic design; specifically website design, logos, and print.
1) When I create something that I love AND the client loves, it makes me happy:)
2) I can be creative all day long. 
3) I am constantly looking at inspiration.
 4) Since I work from home, I get to work in my PJ's

What inspired the blog Color Collective?
A few things! These past few months I have been trying to figure out what my dream job would be. I came to the conclusion that I would love to be a color designer someday. I'm not even sure what that means--but if it involves choosing color palettes, finding color inspiration/trends or producing mood boards, I'm in (and available, so if you have any suggestions feel free to contact me)! Also, as a designer and blogger I have realized that there is a lack of good online resources for color palettes. I wanted a blog where people could be inspired by art and discover current artists and designers, and also have a resource when they are working on a project and need help with color suggestions. My husband, also a graphic designer, sometimes struggles with finding just the right colors, so whenever he is designing a website or logo he goes to 
Color Collective and picks a palette!

What is your process for finding new color pallates and co-ordinating color schemes?
I bookmark just about everything I come across on the web (and in real life) that I like and that inspires me. I find the art and designers that I enjoy through other blogs, flickr, etsy, etc... Once or twice a week I will go back though the bookmarked pages and pull images that use amazing colors and perfect combinations. From there I take them into photoshop and play around with the colors from the images (love that eyedropper) until I find a lovely palette composed of 5 colors.

Name some go to resources for your design inspiration:)
I just counted, and I have 150 blogs bookmarked--I check almost all of them daily!  
Here are a few of my morning tea reads: 
Design for Mankind, Share Some Candy, Coco + Kelley, Print & Pattern, Oh Joy!

Favorite thing to do on the weekends?
I love having different theme parties with a small group of friends. This weekend we are having an ice cream social, and in a few weeks a shimmer and shine dance party! It's a great excuse to get together with friends, and be creative with party decorations, attire, food and drinks.

Find more of Lauren here:

Thank you Lauren for the interview! If you missed any of the other interviews, find them here!


  1. Nice to meet you Lauren! I like your blog very much :)

  2. Amazing. I really enjoyed what she is doing on her site! And oh yep, love her favorite doing on weekends too! Nice feature Anna, have a great week ahead my dear! xo.

  3. Her site is awesome, thanks for the rec!

  4. Great post, Anna! Lauren has a lovely blog.

  5. She's so fab! and I adore your blog too! A perfect inspiration source xoxo

  6. Nice interview! I do love her site :)

  7. Enjoyed reading the interview. Great idea with the color palettes as well.

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  9. A color designer -- I love that. And I'm always thrilled to read about people searching for and discovering their passions.

    And Anna, I'm just smitten by your blog! I'm so glad you stopped by and commented on mine today. I'm following you now...how could I not with all the awesomeness here?

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  12. great interview! thx for introducing us to her blog:)



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