Giveaway: $75 to The Silver Acorn

I have talked about this charm bracelet before. Its my favorite piece of jewelry (next to my wedding rings of course). It was a gift from Linda, the talented designer behind The Silver Acorn. The way this piece of jewelry can intertwine and represent so many pieces of my heart is what makes it such a treasure to me. 

She custom designs and creates each wax seal in her shop. They are made from high quality reclaimed silver or bronze, and are designed at her home studio in Houston Texas. You will have to see all the varying pieces with many spiritual or religious symbols, or initials of loved ones. So excited to share her work with you all and team up with The Silver Acorn to giveaway a fun prize!
$75 to one lucky winner to spend as you like:)
Enter below - best of luck~


  1. Love the swan on the site. As a former ballerina, I've always wanted something small to commemorate the millions of times I've performed Swan Lake. Great giveaway, Anna!

  2. I love the man's best friend pendant, although I guess in my case it would be woman's best friend :)

  3. A beautiful Giveaway Anna. I would give this to my Mother who is battling cancer for Mother's day.

    Art by Karena

  4. I love the bracelet. I would love all my girls initials.

  5. these are stunning! the swan is just gorgeous.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I simply loved the hope of a new day charm...what a great reminder.

  7. I have never seen this line before! It is beautiful and very original! There is one piece that I'd really like to get for my daughter for her high school graduation.

  8. I love the Peace - Dove on fine silver. Something this world needs more of!

  9. I love the "G" script initial. Beautiful!


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Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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