NYC 2013

{Awesome image via Moey Hoque}

Suddenly I want to cover my walls in neon tape...

Despite the CrAzY weather, the NYC trip still went down.
Seriously impressed by the way this city carries onward despite any conditions. The entire city of Atlanta will shut down over a few inches of snow, and the city of NYC was back to business the morning after Nemo. Tough ones they are...

(Coconut bark makes excellent earthy vase wraps- who knew??)

Some events were cancelled which was a bummer so I hopped lots of food joints...cuz thats what you should do when in NYC. Here is what still proceeded...

Highlights according to instagram:
Jack Rogers joined forces with the Flower School of New York to bring us a fun evening of cocktails, flower arrangement tips, and a preview of new and upcoming designs.
Found a cozy joint to grab dinner and escape the mad weather with Mackenzie and Carly at Whichcraft. (Best soup and sandwhich combos.) These girls are a fun time!
 Catching up over lunch with Mara and Rachel at Il Ily (Superb Mediterranean). We were the lone survivors of our planned meet up:)
Photoshoot and coffee session with the awesome Kat Harris.
So wonderful to see Natalie and Naomi again and finally meet Sydney:) Those girls are so refreshingly down to earth and sweet as can be. 
One of my best friends Liza is due just a few weeks before me! We got to spend some good catch up time together. Her and her husband have the coolest NYC apt and even hosted a post-nemo bonfire for friends to enjoy. They are rockstars I tell you.

Highlights not on insta:
Me trying to find the bus and train stations for at least two hours out of every day despite Gabe's map and step by step directions. I am challenged in this area..
My failed fake eyelash attempt pre-photoshoot making my eye swell up and turn into a swollen mess.
Charging my weak phone every two hours in whatever coffee shop that would have me.
Getting yelled at for riding the bus without a pass. (No they don't take cash friends.)
Snow filled boots and frostbitten hands.
Almost dying in cab.

{Art print via Ecojot}

I don't think I will be returning to NYC for a good long while, so I was thankful for the few days I managed to squeeze in before this baby comes. 

A few links to check out this weekend!:
1) A new app I am loving called WideAngle that I got a sneak preview of.
2) I think I found my next haircut...
3) Pop up shop of the new line by Kate Spade that has my heart beating a little faster.
4) Favorite DIY find of the week.
5) A grand idea for a going away party. 
6) My choice etsy shop of the week. Innovative right?
7) A shop whose proceeds go towards adopting families. (Something close to my heart.)

Happy weekend friends!


  1. Aw! Thank you :) soups + sandwiches again soon!!

  2. cute! what a pretty little summary of the trip. looks and sounds like a blast
    kw ladies in navy

  3. Looks like such a great trip! Still fun despite the weather :)

  4. SO INCREDIBLY bummed that we didn't meet up for lunch! Damn Nemo keeping me uptown :(

  5. What a super fun trip! I love that you met up with super sweet Mackenzie, too! :)

  6. Looks like it was a blast, Anna! :) I love that city...but I can only handle it for about 3 days.... Lol....then I need calm and quiet.

  7. Ack, so sorry we missed you b/c of our calendar mix-up! But glad you had a blast (despite the weather)! - Erica @ tinseltwine

  8. I love the hair cut. I just got bangs, now I want to go shorter. It always happens around the Spring. I have never been to New York, but I do not want to go till I can bring my girls.

  9. loved seeing your NYC travel adventures on instagram. looks like one heck of a time! happy weekend, friend!

  10. I am beyond jealous!! I LoVe LoVe NYC! Literally told my mom that I'm going next year for Fashion Week like last week! Found your blog on "This Won't Hurt a Bit" and I love it!! Great pics! Love your style.


  11. I've never been to NY but it has always seemed to be a crazy but wonderful place. So glad you got to go for Fashion week :)

  12. Wow that all looks awesome and memorable.

    The Compass Blog

  13. glad you had a great time here in nyc! and love that "coffee" sign/light! so cool!


  14. So much fun! Love that you had a great time! XOXO

  15. How fun!! Looks like you had the best time and met some sweet friends. So special :)


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