Blogshop Atlanta : Decor + Details

(Top photos by Angela Kohler for DLF, floral photos by Tami, the rest by me)

Event: Blogshop ATL (Check for a class in your area!) taught by the fun and creative genius duo - Angela Kohler and Bri Emery.
Venue: Big Studio (a stunning space in downtown Altanta)
Florals: By the talented Tami Ramsay
Interns: New friends Savannah and Gina

Decor Details: I worked with Tami on the decor for blogshop. After creating a color palate, she came up with the beautiful arrangements, and I took care of the following:
Hanging Ribbon Chandelier - I used three wooden rods tied at the corners to form a triangle shape, and added wide ribbon and crepe paper strands all the way around. It was hung using thick cord.
Fabric confetti - Fabric strips + ribbon cut into small squares and scattered along the tables.
Smilebooth backdrop - I actually strung three bright pink hula skirts together, cut a bunch of fabric strips and draped over the top. A little modge podge held them in place. Hula skirts are basically a bunch of raffia and creates the instant volume:) 

It was so fun for me to a get a little creative re-fuel just by hanging out with these gals. Not to mention, they are so laid back and loads of fun:) They put a lot of heart into their work and every student always leaves a happy camper. I would say its well worth your dollar to take a weekend to learn amongst the greats! Check out Bri and Angela's newly launched site here.


  1. You did an amazing job with the decor Anna! It looks so fun!

  2. so much fun! blogshop is the best.

  3. first off...AMAZING JOB!!!!! secondly...so ecstatic that you got to do this!!! & third...slightly jealous ;) (though still ecstatic!)...totally loving all of the creativity, anna :) XO brynn

  4. Fantastic styling and decor Anna!! What a fun job (not like a job at all!!) to do :)

  5. love the styling! and you all look great!


  6. You are amazing Anna! Loving all of the details! :)

  7. Everything looks so pretty! I love the color palette and that ribbon chandelier, too! Great work!

  8. Cute photos! Looks like such a fun event!


  9. Saw some of these pictures at their site and recognized you. Would love to attend a class too,lucky for me Blogshop comes to Europe now as well. Until then I'm trying to get my those of inspiration from these beautiful pictures.

  10. you are amazing Anna, I love these photos! your just an inspirational!

  11. Blogshop seems so magical! Love all the attention to detail. Great job Anna! -jb.


  12. I love the color palette! You gals did a great job!


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