Meet the Blogger: Ashley LeMieux of The Shine Project

It so encouraging to see a blogger working torwards positive change in society. Tell us what inspired The Shine Project? 
At the beginning of the year, I felt an extra PUSH to make my goal of getting a novel published by the time I turned 25. Not to reveal my ripe old age (ha) but I turn 25 at the end of this year, and I realized the time is NOW. With this motivation, I realized that there are millions out there, like me, who just need an extra push. I chose the word SHINE to represent what I wanted to accomplish, and wanted to inspire others to do the same in their lives. There's no time for unhappiness and unmet dreams!
How do you go about starting a project and making it successful? 
Starting a SHINE project is easy! I post weekly challenges that push all of us out of our comfort zones to SHINE. This could be anything from writing letters to support cancer patients, to accomplishing something you've never done. You can also start a SHINE SERVICE PROJECT. Brainstorm ideas of how you can help in your community, and get a group together. To make it successful, you just have to have faith in what you're capable in accomplishing.

What do you love most about your work/and or blogging? 
On May 6th, I will officially be SELF-EMPLOYED with the Shine Project. I am so thrilled I have to pinch myself everyday. I LOVE making a difference in people's lives. I love putting all of my energy into something that has a bigger purpose, and seeing the happiness that comes to others because of it.
Where do you turn to get your inspiration? 
I get my inspiration from my every day life. I've been working at an inner city school, and I see the love and encouragement that they need. They inspire me to make a change in the world. Finding joy in every day life, little things, gives me so many ideas to write about as well. As wierd as it might seem, I get floods of ideas while driving in the car. It's my thinking time.
If you were given the opportunity to make one major change in the world, what would it be? If I could make one change, I would change attitudes. If their was more positivity, there would be more LOVE, determination, hope, and courage. It's easy to get weighed down in this crazy world, and we forget what our potential is. Just think, if everyone believed in themselves, and cared about how their neighbor was doing...THIS WORLD WOULD BE AMAZING!

Just for fun, what are your top 5 day to day must haves??
1.Smooches from hubby
2.Time to write
3. Pink lipgloss. I seriously HAVE to have it on. Addicted, perhaps
4. 4-9 miles of running. However, this must have has been highly impacted because I tore my knee a month ago doing it. I'm in physical therapy and have some recovery time to go through!

Her positive attitude is contagious isn't it?!  Thank you for being here Ashley!
Find more about Ashley and The Shine Project here:
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  1. this is great-thanks for introducing her to us!

  2. Oo I came across her blog not too long ago..she's such an inspirational blogger!

  3. Thank you so much for this introduction- this is amazing!!!

  4. awesome. I've seen her blog around alot, but will go visit more now:) thanks for sharing. Happy Monday... off to put my vote in for you!

  5. What an inspiratioN!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Check out my jewlery giveaway!!

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  6. how wonderful! I love that she's so motivated :) Oh, and the pink lip gloss is awesome :)

  7. Aww, I heart Ashley. She's doing a great job with her shine projects!!

    Have a great day, my dear!


  8. Thank you for introducing her to us. She sounds like an amazing person. Gonna hop on over to her blog now. :)

  9. what a great new blog and interview! thx for sharing ;)
    just voted again - happy week to you.

  10. love this! thanks for sharing

  11. Wow! What a girl! Will be checking out her blog tout de suite :) xx

  12. Heh, love her top no.1 must haves! Hope all's going good dear Anna!

  13. She is awesome! And I can NOT believe how much her blog has grown - she just started it this year! Wow! Good person doing good things!

    amy day to day

  14. She is so amazing...thanks for the intro! I am so inspired by her passion and drive, what a cool gal! Going to check her out right now...

    P.S. I got my earrings on Saturday and *LOVE* them...posted a pic on the blog today of the cute lil' guys (c: Thanks!

  15. lovely q&a !!

    stop by sometime<3

  16. So sweet! And I love her must haves!! xo

  17. i love ashley!! she's so inspirational!

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  20. LOVE what Ashley is doing! proof that we can all make a difference if we just put our minds and hearts into it. ox

  21. Anna, this is such a great showcase for Ashley and her Shine Project! she is a stunner and one true heart of care within the world. and today is her official self-employment day - many congrats on that lades. the good you do is rippling outwards and upwards.

    now gonna go vote again b/c, Anna, you rock! ♥


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