Thursday DIY: Happy Clothespins!

My refrigerator is a space I use for organization and inspiration. This is a super easy project that you can use many different ways. I call them "Happy Clothespins" because I used the bright and fun Happy Tape. You can also use colored masking tape found in craft stores.

What You Need:
Happy Tape or Colored Masking Tape
Magnet Strips (optional)

Its as easy as it looks-cover the clothespin from top to bottom in tape. Cut a sticky back magnet roll into small strips and attach to the back in two places. Stick these on your dryer or fridge! I also used clothespins to hang pictures on ribbon in my son's room. Have fun!


  1. Great use of the tape. I love your DIY projects.

  2. ok so Anna... I don't do DIY. Not my thing.
    But those are lovely and if YOU make and sell the clothespins I will happily buy them from your etsy store.
    I would like some with magnets, some without.
    No, really, let me know if you start selling these!

  3. so adorable! i need one for my coupons!

  4. So cute! I'm for sure going to do this!

  5. Adorable. I am so making these. How cute and fun!

  6. so cute and so simple! fabulous! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  7. Cool! I didn't even think of this! I posted about Happy Tape last week. so many uses!!

  8. Now I totally know what to do with my niece the next time I babysit, thank you!

  9. Those are so cute, I'm using some for my wedding & doing a lil something extra would give it that extra touch-love your blog for ideas Anna :-)


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