Inspiration: 2010 Resolutions

I love when the New Year comes and I can start fresh with new goals and resolutions...
I feel like a grade schooler with a new blank Lisa Frank Notebook to fill:)
Some resolutions for 2010:

~ Make time for Date Nights with the Hubby
~ Get back in shape to run a 10K
~ Plan a trip to visit with dear friends
~ Read more spiritual books, including Left to Tell.
 (An incredible story about a Rwanda Genocide survivor.) Find it here .
~ Journal more about my son so I remember more. Find above journal here .
~ Expand In Honor Of Design into more boutiques and execute ideas for new products
~ SERVE more. Volunteer for things I am passionate about.

Would love to hear your resolutions!


  1. Luci Klare Resolutions:

    Purchase some lovely wear off of my dear cousin's AWESOME collections.

    Remain close to family and friends via letters and telephone conversations.

    Count my blessings!

    Love you!

  2. These are great resolutions Anna :-)

    Mine are to finish and sell my current screenplay, achieve my ideal weight by the wedding, and pray for 15 min. everyday.

    Happy New Year love.

  3. Left to Tell is an amazing story! I read it in about 4 hours... or maybe even less. I could not put it down! I was totally ignoring all of my motherly duties. =)
    Good luck with your other resolutions!

    Kim Derrick
    (Phil's Aunt)

  4. I need to get back into shape sooo bad! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Thank you for featuring my journal, and these are some wonderful resolutions! I need to get back in shape too, and would also like to spend some time volunteering.


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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