Shout Out Thursday: In Honor Of Design on TV!

Shout outs to FrenchieandFlea and LovelyClusters  for for featuring my shop on their Black Friday Guides! Thank you lovely ladies! If you haven't seen these blogs yet, check it out! You will fall in love.

ALSO, had some exciting things happen over Thanksgiving. One being that I met the wonderful owner of Mint Green Boutique in the East Village in the Quad Cities, and she is now selling In Honor Of Design Accessories there! She just emailed me this link  of the TV show slot where she featured my items! Her store was featured on a local show. Wow, such an incredibly exciting thing for me! I actually haven't viewed this b/c I have a mac....but if you have windows, you can view it here!

Just to show how happy I am....Have a fabulous day!


  1. Congrats - you must be beside yourself with excitement!
    I LOVE the new blog layout, too!

  2. Your very welcome. Awesome sale! Your blog looks great!

  3. The time on the video where they start showing your stuff is at 16:40 or so... and it's GREAT!!! Congratulations on publicity!!


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