Family Threads: Weekend Adventures

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Mr. Green ThumbIMG_8812
IMG_8808bucket seat Ver
Gabe// Shirt: Gap, Cords: Old Navy
Anna// Shirt: Sheinside, Necklace: c/o Chicpeek, F21, Sunnies: UO, Wrap Bracelet: c/o Iristy
Gabriel// Jacket: Gap, Button down: Old Navy, Jeans: Gap (all consigned)
Veronica// Leggings: Old Navy, Shirt: Carters, Sweater: ON, Shoes: ebay, Headband: made

Spring decided to stay more than 24 hours this weekend so we crammed in as much outdoor time as we could. Everything is an adventure through little sets of eyes...even if its to your local greenhouse.

#WAALove - Things I want to remember:
How enthralled V gets with anything in the sky....birds, planes, and balloons top her list.
The way Gabriel tries to hold her hand whenever we are in public. Except half the time, Veronica would rather pull away and do things independently.
How happy my husband gets when he has time in his yard getting his hands in soil. Its a language I want to know more about. He helped me pick out a few succulents for my kitchen windowsill because.. we both know I can't kill those.

Things I wouldn't mind forgetting:
How Veronica screams at the top of her lungs anytime we leave....anywhere.  
And boy does she have a set of lungs. Might even be a future opera singer.
Which is usually why I don't brave the public on my own...Gabe is better at tackling the flailing sprout. Happy Monday friends!

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  1. The one thing I really hate about living in an apartment is that I can't have a real garden! I've bought cute pots to plant some plants I hopefully don't kill in, but I crave for when I can have a yard! :)

    carelessly graceful

  2. I cannot wait for it to warm up here - I am determined to create an herb garden this year!

  3. The weather was wonderful this weekend. Just discovered your blog..so glad I did, you have such a beautiful space here. :)

  4. Oh my goodness your daughter is sooooo cute!!!

  5. I'm always so humbled whenever I come to your page. You have such a beautiful family and an even more beautiful spirit. xo

  6. jealous of all the sunny warmth you all are experiencing!!! so fresh - such a a beautiful family!!! XO

  7. your kids are the cutest! Love that black and white one of V. And beware...I have killed succulents. Apparently you need to water them at some point or they will die :).

  8. So adorable! We bought plants as well for the yard this weekend...A lime, lemon, and clementine tree! Hopefully I won't kill those. Happy Monday doll!

    Mandy aka Waiting On Marhta

  9. This post makes me so excited for spring! Can't wait to pick out some new blooms for the garden!

  10. Love getting a peek into your weekend life. Your necklaces are so cute, I think layering necklaces is the easiest way to look cute and pulled together as a busy mama:) Glad I'm not the only one who kills plants and has screaming toddlers in public, too!

  11. I am swooning at all that sunshine and spring color everywhere...just beautiful! Hopefully we are not too far behind up here in the north ;)

  12. That is the same brand of herbs I buy each year...though mine will stay unsought for another 2 months or so. We will get frost until at least mid May. But so encouraging to see spring by you! Sigh...

  13. your little ones are too cute! i can't wait to buy and plant some herbs once it's warm enough by us. love having fresh basil and cilantro!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  14. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm jealous of your sunshine. Still cold and snowy here in upstate NY :(

    I totally hear you about the wailing child... my 3 year old screams bloody murder in public ALL THE TIME lately. Fingers crossed it's just a phase ;)

  15. Lovely outfits! V looks adorable and she would make one awesome opera singer


  16. Lovely photos and outfits. I've had one of those little opinionated ones. =)

  17. cute, cute! love how veronica's shoe is untied in these pics, lol.

  18. you look beautiful! that color sweater is just perfect on you :)

  19. Oh goodness, she looks like an angel but I would avoid going out in public often too! I thought my sister was just making it up when she said her angelic looking daughter screamed EVERY time they left anywhere, regardless of it being good or bad. I then took the child, OH MY WORD, I got it and I totally sympathize with you.

  20. V is so precious! I can imagine the dramatic moments in public aren't as precious, but every princess has her moments right?
    You are looking lovely Anna!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  21. Looks like quite an awesome weekend , hope you having a great start to the week.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  22. you have such a precious family. i also loved your little lists of things to forget and remember. cute. :)

  23. great pictures..


  24. looks like fun! i love spring :)



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