Encourage Beauty: The smallest things take up the most room

{Quote by A.A. Milne, Design by IHOD}

Each week in March we want to give you a little inspiration boost for the Encourage Beauty Challenge. This was a quote that I dearly love, and applies so well to what this challenge is all about.
Hilary Rushford also has a favorite quote print to share on Dean Street Society. Its a good one.

I have to pass along a few stories of people joining us in #encouragebeauty.
In just one week I feel like my hope in humanity and the goodness of the human heart was restored through the actions some of you are taking to live this challenge out. So thank you for inspiring me to no end.

Sarah Tucker shared on instagram that she is writing a handwritten note each day to a friend to encourage beauty. 31 friends total in March.
Brittany shared a video that hade me re-thinking the way I approach people. Its the sweetest.
Emily and her family decided to take the next step to raise money for a charity close their heart.
My friend Elise is devoting a facebook status each day to a uplift a different woman in her life that has impacted her for the better.

These are just a few examples, and I can't wait to see what else you all will do.
Thank you for joining Hilary and I in this project to use small deeds to make big change.

For newcomers, the Encourage Beauty launch post here.


  1. Hi Anna, so funny to read that quote here! Just yesterday i picked it out for the editorial of our spring/summer issue - i feltt so drawn to it. And now i see you like it too!
    Love the pink bow tie below as well . especiallyin the mix with that blouse - just freh and uplifting - it surely encourages beauty too.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog - glad you like my new design! Have a lovely wednesday!

  2. Oh my goodness, this quote just slapped me in the face. I love pretty prints, but this one has me feeling all sorts of fuzzies. Wow, how beautiful.

  3. Love the idea and love this quote... so, so true.

  4. I love this idea behind campaign. It truly is the little things that make things in life beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Oh I love this, what I great idea!

  6. I love these ideas and such a great quote. Can't wait to do some things to encourage beauty for the girls around me!

  7. Aw, you are SO awesome! Thank you for mentioning us! I love love this project of yours. It's something that's been on my heart too for a while. Love how you ladies are leading this movement!! Love, emily

  8. I forgot to tell you I reposted the Encourage Beauty challenge on my blog! I've mainly been complimenting through blog comments. So, for today, thanks for creating such a great challenge!

  9. My heart feels so full at just the beauty of these little stories! I love it!

  10. Beautiful post , loving this quote its so very true .

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  11. i love everything about this challenge! i posted a little something that i wrote last week on my blog concerning body image and then i put a link to your challenge. thank you for the reminder that we should treat ourselves and others with love.


  12. Ah. How true that quote is!! Words can speak life or death--I love this because it encourages women to speak truth to each other!

  13. I love this idea, Anna! I posted about it today:

  14. so inspiring to hear of women lifting one another up when so often the temptation is to tear one another down.


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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