Planning in Pattern: Tackling a Room Design

It takes me forever to plan a room design simply because I am drawn too many different colors and patterns, and can't ever decide which to settle with. When it comes to pattern picking, I compare it with dating and figuring out which person you are compatible with, and when it comes to wallpaper, its deciding to get serious with that pattern you love. I know, I take this overboard. This is why, there is still nothing but a rug in our living room. I have plans to change that asap, and will keep you posted;)

After playing around with these patterns by Wallpaper Update and narrowing down different style I am drawn too, I felt like I was staring at a paper evaluation of my personality! These can all be found in the contemporary section. 

You should give it a go. Take some time to figure out your favorite design patterns. It will really help give you a better perspective at what style you are drawn to, and what you might be able to commit to;) I tend to go neutral with pattern and more bold with solids so that I can switch them out as needed. Looking forward to living room updates with you as I go along!

Happy January weekend!

*This is a sponsored post that is 100% my own opinion.


  1. Just found your blog via Danie's (Pasadya) - you and your blog are so fresh and adorable! Love it, and will be following now! Happy Friday!

  2. That black and gold on the last one is so gorgeous! That site is cool! And happy weekend!

  3. I love Moraccan style patterns, especially the blue one up there! And the black & gold one :)

    carelessly graceful

  4. I've never tried wall paper but I really have seen some great designs lately and the ones here are pretty.

  5. The black with gold polka dots are SO fun!


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