21 Dates of Summer: Date 15 & 16

We didn't quite make our 21 dates goal by Labor Day but we might be able to pull it off by the official end of summer on Sept. 21st. We will see! 

One of my favorite dates so far was this one....

This poor guy ended up on a stretcher...
Fried oreos... as amazing as they sound. 

Some of the best bull riders in the nation were at this rodeo. I had a heart attack at least 17 times watching all of these guys nearly get clobbered by a wild horse or bull. Thoroughly entertaining and frightening at the same time! Gabe loved every bit of it. Menfolk..;)

Most of our date photos together come out  blurry but they still capture the memory right?

Our friends generously offered their box seats for a bunch of us to watch a local baseball game. It wouldn't have been a complete summer without a baseball game, right? We cheated on this date and brought the kids;) We wanted Gabriel to see a game! A great way to end the summer.

Only 5 dates left in the series. A reminder that you will be able to link up your summer dates at the finale post! Have a great day ahead. Love, Anna


  1. Again, fabulous date ideas and I'm jealous of the fried Oreos!

    xo Amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Aw, I love this post :) hope you're doing well!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! And yes, anything that captures the moment is acceptable.

    Enjoy the next 5 :)

  4. Both of these look soooo fun!!! And fried oreos might be one of the most delicious things that I have ever tasted.

  5. I love all these date ideas! We did the baseball game thing recently too. But fried Oreos?! That I still need to try...

  6. Oh my gosh! You're so brave. I could never be there to watch that!

    Those fried oreos look incredible!

  7. These fried oreos look amazing!

  8. How much fun!
    I am not a rodeo fan either, but my dad could watch it everyday. I get scared everytime I am near a horse or cow. haha
    Date nights are fun! Of course, I may the most boring date ever, because all I want to do it watch games, but well, movie nights are okay.
    I LOVE your family photo on Lauren's blog post, your photo just made me THISMUCH more excited for Fall!! I love the colors and you guys are so adorable!

  9. The rodeo seems like a winner! and those oreos! The state fair is coming soon, I'm wondering what friend food they will come up with this time around.

  10. Anything fried and sweet has to be a homerun for the tastebuds right? :) Sounds like such a fun date Anna!

  11. All I got from this was fried oreos :) Hehe what a fun date!!

  12. looks like such a good time :) and, ummm...did you say fried oreos???!!! WOW! sounds amazing! XO brynn

  13. what a good looking couple!!!! I bet your lil ones had a blast at the game!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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