Radiant Magazine Fall Issue

I have mentioned from time to time about the inspiration magazine I design, called Radiant (more about it here). The fall issue launched this week, and I have to say its my favorite cover yet. The cover was shot by Sheila Sheridan Photography in hot weather! Hats off to the models, huh?!

The fashion spread features fresh color pieces to add to your fall wardrobe (in the issue's color scheme of course;)). We have had a tremendous response since the tv interview, and both Rose and I feel so blessed to be doing what we love for a greater purpose. (The magazine is a Catholic magazine for young girls ages high school, college, and post college that takes current events, moral issues, and stories and makes them reachable to the targeted age.) You can see the full issue here. 

Fun Links for your weekend:
I am going to be trying out these How to Trim your own bangs tips;)
Heidi Merrick's Fall 2012 Collection. Perfect.
I love this simple and so important advice for new mothers on Design for Minikind.
Completely love the styling of this newly discovered shop.
Great gift find of the week: Name plate bracelets.
I am still not quite ready for Fall, but I admit this post got me kind of excited for fall wear.

Lastly, I am cleaning out my closet! I just started a Copious account and selling a bunch of my like new clothes. All just too small or too big for me but in excellent condition:) Will be listing more throughout the weekend! You can check them out here.


  1. Thank you Anna for the sweetest post and comment. I am loving this issues content and layout! Also, heading over to your "closet" :)

  2. Love that mint Scotch nailpolish colour! I also need to learn how to trim my own bangs..... Have a great weekend! ~Stephanie

  3. The magazine looks great! Designing a magazine looks like it would be a lot fun. Maybe one day I'll get to do it. :)

  4. looks great, Anna! great job! love your picks & the "fun links" too. have a wonderful weekend!

  5. congrats on being a part of Radiant! What an awesome way to touch young lives! {love your picks, btw!}
    - {darlene}

  6. How exciting- can't wait to check out the magazine. Also, hadn't heard of Copious before so will be checking that out too. Happy weekend to you!

  7. loving the faux fur vest on the cover!! amazing! :)

  8. Gorgeous picks Anna, and lovely links, checking them all right now!

  9. Loveeee your mint picks! Eeee this is gorgeous!

  10. this is such a great mag, and i really like the spread. both colors are so summer to fall.

  11. Wow...congrats on the magazine. That's awesome!!! I'm going to go check out the link along with some of the others you listed.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  12. I am loving all your pics, because I fall for that colour every time I see it! Congrats on the issue. Catching up here now!

  13. Such great picks! Anna you're so talented! :) Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!

  14. love it girl!!! the spreads look amazing!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  15. Hi Anna...I recently discovered your blog and love it! I also graduated from FUS c/o 06'... and love the message and design behind this magazine! God bless :)

  16. I am new to your blog and I absolutely love it! Can you tell me where I can buy/ order radiant magazine?
    Email: charshel21@gmail.com


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