21 Dates of Summer: Dates 9 and 10

Summer is slipping through my fingers! This was our last date in St. Louis. We got to go out for dessert with my mom and dad. Since we only see them a few times a year, it was such a treat. I ordered a dessert that was apparently was sized to feed the masses. (I love Cheesecake Factory.) It was so nice to talk with the older and wiser, married for 31 years couple whom we look up to so much.

(Top: c/o Windsore Store, Shorts: H&M)

We have a local antique market that opens only one weekend a month. We love to treasure hunt. Gabe looks for a good pocket knife or an old history book, and I usually hunt for a good furniture piece to fix up. Its awesome to share mutual interests with your spouse, but even when we don't, its good to get into the practice of seeking and encouraging their interests to grow in friendship. Gabe has done a chivalrous job of doing so in our marriage and I am forever grateful to him for it:)

And some fun links for your weekend!:

I am kind of stoked for the olympics. I go crazy for them. That is why I geeked over this infographic.

Quite possibly the coolest ice cream packaging.

Love discovering new blogs like such.

This totally do-able and super cool DIY serving tray.

These ideas for displaying large scale photos are fantastic.

Happy weekend!

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  1. OM goodness all the pyrex!

  2. I stopped by to find out where your top was from and I ended up clicking every single one of your suggested links ;) Happy weekend!

  3. My kind of dates for sure! And that infographic was amazing - can't wait for the Olympics to start!

  4. You always have such great links! Thank you! On some blogs it sometimes feels like a linked post is just filling space but I always discover new places I love with yours!

    Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  5. This is so sweet! These sound like such fun dates!

  6. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for linking to my photo display post! Happy to have discovered your site.
    Best wishes,

  7. Yay, more fun date nights! I Love the dessert date idea (maybe because dessert is my favorite part of any meal)!

  8. i am absolutely loving your 21 dates of summer! i just went through all of them up to now and i am taking notes! :)

  9. My favorite times in the antique stores or flea markets are for dates because then Nick is excited instead of tired and we have some sort of goal. How fun!

  10. just realized I am on your reading list. thank you, anna! that made my afternoon :). you should know by now that you are an almost daily read for me.


  11. Oh I love this! You're right, it's so fun to share mutual interests with your spouse...such a gift. Looks like you guys had fun at the antique market :-) - Always so inspiring to see other people "dating their mate".

  12. Aww, you two are adorable. Happy weekend, sweetie!


  13. Date #10 is my fave -- I love going treasure hunting with my husband. It looks like you had fun!

  14. Your blog is AMAZING. Someone had just informed me that my blog was linked to yours in this post, and holy cow I couldn't believe my eyes :) totally made me blush. I can't wait to keep reading yours. And these dates are fantastic. Cant wait to take the mister on some of them :)

  15. Love the outfit, the shorts are super cute!

    I absolutely love your date ideas! Although we don't have the same options here in Dubai, you've inspired me to try to find new things for the hubby and I to do.

    xx Amy

    Leopard and Lillies

  16. going to an antique market is such a good idea! DIdn't think of that before

  17. a dessert night and an antique market hunt?? you lucky one!!

  18. What a lovely weekend. And such beautiful photography! Made me start to hanker for summer...


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