Advent Calendar 2010

Remember how I told you I was working on this surprise for my little family? Well on the feast of St. Nicholas I gave it to my husband to start our tradition with our kids. Each day is numbered from December 1st- 24th, counting down the days until Christmas. Each pouch will be filled with sweets, ornaments, and other surprises, along with a daily verse to help us remember we are celebrating the coming of the newborn King! 

These are so easy to make!
-Burlap fabric (about 1/2 yard)
- Cloth Bags (I bought mine from Hooray)
-Scalloped punch
-dowel rod or curtain rod
- rope string or cord
-Decorations (trim, mini ornaments, etc.)

-Hand stitch the bags in rows along the burlap fabric (or just hot glue).
-Print or stamp numbers on scalloped punches
- Hole punch the tags and tie along the strings
-Add any extra decor items to personalize
- Fill with goodies and sweet messages
-Tie rope/cord along both sides of your rod and hang!

I hope this inspires you to try some of your own Christmas traditions you have been wanting to do. It made me so happy to see my little boy reach in the pocket to pull out his train ornament the first day:) Simple efforts can be returned with such simple joys!


  1. oh my gosh! I've been trying to find a cute diy for an advent calendar and this is what I'm using! Thank you so much its gorgeous!

  2. stop it. you are too cute. can you please come make my life pretty like yours??? :)

  3. Anna, this is fantastic! I like how you're filling the pockets with different things -- it makes every day a surprise!

  4. So cute, you did an amazing, Anna!! We grew up with an Advant Calendar too. My parents only put treats in it every once in a while. It was mostly filled with little toys for us... like dinky cars and yo-yos!!

  5. Aw that is soo sweet! Bless him! What wonderful satisfaction! Talk about a job well done!:)

  6. I love it! The funny thing is, I think if I gathered all my little Anthropologie fabric, receipt pouches and sewed a new seam above the logo, I'd think I's already have the 25 bags I need! :)

  7. oh my goodness. this is the cutest one i've ever seen! and i really feel like i could make it, too! thank you for this fantastic idea... oh well if i'm 9 days late. ; )

  8. This turned out GREAT. I love your burlap banner idea! Advent calendars are such a wonderful tradition.

  9. You are so talented. How lucky your little guy is to have such a fun mom! xo

  10. Beautiful project - i always made one for my kids as well and they loved it so much! Makes the wait fun. Have a splendid weekend with your loved ones!

  11. Yep, i agreed with Ally. I love your burlap idea too. Your advert calendars' just looking so sweet.

  12. This is great. You are so crafty it's amazing! And for me, being so not crafty, you give me hope that I can pull something like this off! Thank you!

  13. Anna, you are so creative!! So much better than the store bought ones :)

  14. Christmas countdowns are the greatest! Especially when you are a kid and a month feels like a year in "adult time". Oh to be a kid again! Each day until Christmas seemed like an eternity and I just couldn't wait to move our little velcro countdown santa to the next day!

    LOVE this! Thanks for sharing:) I'm glad you enjoyed the Mary and Jesus and figurine! I can't wait to give one to my sil!

  15. such a cute advent calendar! from a glance i thought the bags were the ones you get from anthropologie when you order jewelry. so unique!

  16. it's adorable. what a great way to start a beautiful family tradition :)

  17. love this idea! so so cute... hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend -- oh yes, and did you purchase your little one's Christmas outfit? loved your comment on my blog -- as I always do...


  18. i love it!!! nice that you made it yourself... hope you had a great weekend!


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