Taking a moment to say thanks...

I really want to sincerely thank these lovely ladies.....

...to Melanie Reyes Photography for using the IHOD Little Miss Lovely Headband (which is now selling like hotcakes) for this precious photoshoot and sending me the picture! Precious!

..... Abriana Chilelli Photography for posting this adorable photo spread on her blog featuring an IHOD Princess Tutu! Don't you love the hot pink balloons to match?!

...Natalie from Love, Natalie Blog for featuring my Little Miss Cotton Candy Beanie in her "dressing baby for easter" post. Such fun items!

..... to The Storque for featuring an IHOD Leopard Print Satin Headband in this awesome article, All the Stuff that's Fit to Print about overcoming your fear of sporting Paisley, Animal Print, and Tweeds!

Lastly, thanks to each of you who helped me vote on my new business cards....THANKY YOU! I appreciate each of you so much! I have decided to go with #2 for mailing with orders and #1 for promotion and other marketing opportunites. You dear readers are the best! 


  1. i want that headband for my lil' gal! you really are so very talented! wow!

  2. Oh wow! That is fabulous exposure! Congrats and way to go! Thrilling!

  3. Oh, and of course your pieces are all uber-lovely :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures, and I'm so excited for your successes~ your shop and blog are wonderful, and you deserve it all! Happy Thursday!

  5. love those photos and the headband is adorable.

    We did a shoot with some of our hair pieces for little gals I will have to let you know when we post so you can give us some feedback ;)

  6. oh you must be so tickled and proud to have your wonderful goods in those amazing photos - I know I would kill to have that same thing happen! how wonderful, congrats!


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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