Meet Emily Baker of Frenchie & Flea

Describe the girl behind Frenchie and Flea in 5 words! ;)

Colorful, Passionate, Giving, Innovative, Blessed

When people ask you what your occupation is, how do you describe it?
Eeeks, this is always tough!  I love anything hands on - working on a photo shoot, crafting details for weddings or parties, finding creative ways to package things, the list goes on and on - so coming up with a "job title" that encompasses everything that I do and all that I want frenchie & flea to be as a brand is really difficult.  I have a BS in Design with a focus in Visual Communication & Presentation, so anything related to graphics, arts, 3-D design, merchandising, interiors, etc, I LOVE!  SO...I guess my "occupation" is comprised of lots of layers and facets under the umbrella of "Designer & Stylist".  

You have so many fun aspects of Frenchie and Flea. Which is your favorite?
I don't know!!!!  Things are always crazy with f&f, and lately I've been loving photo styling and all that wedding season entails!  The blog is also a really fun part of my job...I love the fact that through blogging I have been able to connect with so many other talented people!  I thrive on creative energy, and LOVE that the internet has become a place chocked full of inspiration, ideas, and advice from all over the world.

Where do you find creative inspiration? (this can be websites, places, etc.)
I love that I am lucky enough to live in San Francisco.  It is FILLED with inspiration that I am lucky enough to experience right outside my front door every day!  Shopping, wandering around the different neighborhoods, the scenery...it is soooo lively and eclectic here!  Flea markets & vintage shops are great for sourcing photo shoots or finding crafting supplies, and I also cen't get enough of fashion & interior shops/magazines/blogs.  Websites & blogs I read daily include: Apartment Therapy SFDesign*SpongeOh Happy Day!Oh Hello Friend, and a slew of wedding & photography blogs.  I am also very fortunate to have a ton of creative friends and family members, who are so inspiring and supportive!  My idea of a perfect day is doing something crafty, whether its  brainstorming ideas, or working on a collaborative project, with any of them - ooooh the creativity always abounds!

What would you say are your designer must haves?
EVENTS: When you are hosting or throwing an event, I think its all about infusing your personality into the details.  Focus on a handful of elements that are special to you and don't stress about the rest!  Have a focal point (a dessert table, a great centerpiece, a funky photo booth, a fun crafty project) and execute it well....don't get bogged down with trying to do everything.  Quality over quantity.  OH! And of course use a lot of layers, textures and colors :)
FASHION: scarves, layers, BRIGHT colors - I believe in a closet full of colorful cardigans and great accessories.  
HOME:  Again, I LOVE color (especially yellow!)!  Throw pillows are a great way to change up your look without breaking the bank.  I also LOVE quilts and throws, and great prints from Etsy or Indie Artists - art that's awesome, affordable, and supports other crafty folk! 
BUSINESS: I am a fan of great branding!  Conveying who you are through your logo, business card, packaging, blog, etsy shop, etc. is SO important in this social media world!  A cohesive brand and marketing are the best thing you can invest into your business - no matter how small it may be - especially if you are looking to grow.  So I guess my designer must-haves would be a great logo, photography and fabulous packaging :)

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Thank you Emily for your time, and sharing this fabulous interview! 
Hope you all enjoy her blog as much as I do!


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    Have a wonderful week ~~

    xoxo Laura

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    Thank you ^_^

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