Thursday DIY: Improving Your Blog

As a new blogger, I had to do my own research on things I wanted to improve on my blog. So, I thought I would share some things that have been great resources for me...

1) Use Fun or Clean Fonts! Some fonts are way over-used. Its always refreshing to see something new. I guess that is the Graphic Designer in me. Its all about the TYPOGRAPHY. Here is a great place you can download free fonts of all kinds.  Like These:

2) Take off the word verification for comments.  There has been many times I have tried to leave comments on blogs and the word verification freezes or comes up after you already left the site, so I give up or miss the boat. If you are like me, you love hearing from your readers! You can remove it easily. Go to your blogger dashboard. Under the Settings Tab, there is a link to Comments.  Here there will be a question whether or not to allow word verification. It looks like this:

3) Design Elements and Webicons - Need a great resource for free webicons, vectors, and textures? I am going to let you in on one of my favorite graphic design resource websites...THINK DESIGN BLOG They are always offering fun FREEBIES.

4) Layout Variation -  A great place to find variations to the blogger.com templates is 3 Column Blogger This is how I found the step by step HTML guide to making my blog three columns. There are lots of other guides and it is EASY.

5) Share the Love- Everyone loves to hear from their readers. Visit your favorite blogs and encourage other bloggers, and the love will come around:)

Hope these tips help you in some way or other! Have any other good ones to share? LET ME KNOW! Have a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. Such great tips... thanks so much for sharing them! :)

  2. What a great post idea. If you turn of word verification, do you moderate comments instead to avoid spam?

  3. Thanks Jessica! I haven't had a problem with spam yet, and I hear unless you have hundreds of commenters it usually isn't a problem. However, it doesn't heart to have moderate comments on either...

  4. Great tips, Anna! And your blog looks lovely!

  5. Wow Anna! This is sooooo cool! You are such a darling to be sharing all these. I love it! It really helps, especially for people like me who can spend hours trying to find the right tutorial! You got it all!


  6. Oh yes totally agree on comment verification, I've had mine off for ages and had no trouble.

    Great tips Anna,

  7. Just found your blog, and you have so much great information! I was wondering if you could tell us how to add a font once we download it? I am not sure how to add it into my blogger so I can use it in my posts. Thanks so much!

    (Ps. My email is clmw.cole@gmail.com)


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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