A Little About IHOD...

How do I balance blogging, designing, and being a mother? 
Life is an adventure to say the least. I by no means always have it all together. I get up before the kids get up to get a head start on the day, work during nap times, and even after they go to bed. I have an incredible partner in crime - my husband Gabe- who does so much for the the kids and I. We are blessed to have him. Even though I like to keep things positive here on IHOD, I will always keep it real, as you can see in this post or this post.

Who takes the photos for your blog?
If a source is not specified, I took the photos. My husband Gabe makes an appearance here once in a while, but is the steady and constant love and support behind this blog which keeps me going. He takes all my outfit posts and sometimes our family snapshots. Get to know the man behind the camera here.

What camera do you use?
We use a Canon EOS XS with a 1.8 50mm lens. Its fantastic!

Did you design your blog? Did you pick up graphic design along the way?
My major in college was actually studio art with a specialization in Graphic design. I am lucky that it goes hand in hand with blogging! I did design the blog space here on IHOD. However, the main area of graphic design freelance work I focus on is branding and magazine layouts!

Thanks for reading IHOD blog. I love hearing from you so be in touch! I hope by visiting, you have found something to smile about:)


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  1. Dear Anna, I happened to stumble upon your blog through one of your v-day pins on Pinterest. I have fully immersed myself in your blog over the last hour and can't believe I have gone this long with IHOD! You and your family are adorable and congrats with number 3! I'll stay tuned to see how a life of three kiddos goes!
    Your newest follower,

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