"Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart."

And just like that we are at the end of March...(?!!)
This quote seemed to reflect our Encourage Beauty Challenge so well. In the small decisions to choose uplifting words to those around us, you can notice the small changes in your own heart. This is something I have learned from all of you who participated. That even if its just a moment we take for someone else, you an change that day for a person. 

Mandy shared with us that one of her readers who read about the challenge wrote the following:

I just have to thank you for mentioning the “encourage beauty” campaign at the beginning of the month. It inspired me to send a brief note/card to all the women in my life (mom’s, sisters, friends) just telling them that they are beautiful and that I love them.
I cannot tell you how I many of them have contacted me to tell me how much it meant, or that it came at “just” the right time, when they needed to hear it! (Of course, don’t we all long to hear that everyday – or rather need to hear it everyday!). It made everyone feel beautiful!!!

This was all I needed to remind me to live more aware of my words, but also to act upon them.
 is sharing another print we made that you will have to check out. We decided this challenge should be something we can partake in anytime. If you are new and missed the original post, feel free too use the updated calendar to make the Encourage Beauty campaign part of your year! 
If you ever want to share a story, just email us or use the hashtag #encouragebeauty. You can download these prints here. Thank you for all of you who took part with us. You were a motivation to us in so many ways!

Love, Anna


  1. LOVE this verse!!! and sooo true :)

  2. nice quote from Bible, Happy Easter in advance to u

  3. This was such a beautiful challenge! I'm glad that so many people were touched by this.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  4. you have inspired so many people by this challenge. you go, girl. :)

  5. <3 I'm not super religious or anything, but this verse is really universal and can really inspire and speak to people of all beliefs, because it's about being beautiful inside and out and spreading it everywhere. I love this.

    Love + aloha,
    Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

  6. What a beautiful challenge indeed! Beauty - inside and out - should be recognized and encouraged!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous prints, and that comment still gives me chills! I hope to continue to encourage beauty even though March is coming to an end!

    xo Mandy @ Waiting On Martha


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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