Birthday DIY's: Bunting, Invites, and Badges

Here are a few of the very simple and easy DIY's for the kids birthday celebration!

{Birthday Bunting}
Supplies: Fabric in 2 colors, hemp cord
Cut fabric along a fold into triangle shapes.
Drape along hemp cord.

{Birthday Invites}
Supplies: Patterned ribbon, Washi Tape, Kraft Paper Notecards and Envelopes
Layer the tape and ribbon at the bottom or side of the notecard,
and wrap around the back.

{Birthday Badges}
Supplies: Wooden Circles, Ribbon, Paint Pen, Paints, Paintbrush, Pinbacks, Superglue
Paint the wooden discs a solid color. Let dry.
Using a paint pen, draw their birthday number over the solid color.
Measure and cut strips of ribbon and glue or tape on the back of the disc.
Super glue a open and closeable pin back to the disc and let dry.

I knew birthday badges were the only thing I could get them to wear that would stay on the whole party;) Hope these can give you some ideas for your next birthday bash!
Will be back later with another fashion accessory DIY!

*The majority of my supplies I found at Hobby Lobby. Washi Tape can be found on etsy!


  1. I really like how you show your DIYs. Simple and to the point.

  2. I just love those badges! And that invite too - so simple. I'm thinking they'd be a great idea for a summer BBQ party :)

  3. Very sweet this, also the post below! Your kids are very lucky to have such a creative mom, evrythink looks so fun! xx

  4. Cute party things! I love the colors you picked so that it was suited for both Gabriel and Victoria. What a fun party!

  5. so cute!! I've done the banners for parties but LOVE how those invitations and badges go with it - thanks for sharing!!

  6. So so cute! I'm working on a banner for a rehearsal dinner I'm planning and those are the only items needed! So easy and cute! :)

  7. I love the colors you used...so fun and perfect for combined boy/girl party :)

  8. AMAZING color scheme. SO cute Anna!

  9. I love these Anna! I will do this on the 2nd birthday of my kid for sure. Thanks for these great DIY ideas.

  10. I really love that bunting! I am totally craft-impaired, but I would love to make it for a baby shower I am organizing!


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