12 Goals for 2012.

1. Write more handwritten letters.
2. Get back into running and nail a 10K.
3. Morning Prayer.
4. Explore a new part of Atlanta.
5. More phone calls to loved ones.
6. Journal about my children.
7. Continue to grow and improve IHOD.
8. Show Gabriel the beach for the first time.
9. Read the top 5 books on my reading list.
10. Dance lessons with Gabe.
11. Visit a new city.
12. Make our house a home, room by room.

I loved Danni's idea of 12 before 2012, but since I missed the opportunity I decided to make 12 simple goals for 2012. Some are more challenging than others, but each important to me. Hoping by making them realistic I can meet these goals by the end of the year:) I love a fresh start and blank page...

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Here are some of the trials and triumphs of 2011 that brought both
tears and suffering, joy and peace:

1. Losing Gabe's Oma and my Aunt Amy.
2. Giving birth to my first daughter, Veronica Rose.
4. Welcoming two new nieces to the family, and receiving a new nephew on New Years Eve!
5. Running a successful business, and knowing that it was time to close the doors.
6. Celebrating three years of marriage with my spouse.
7. Moving back to Georgia.
8. Getting to teach first graders a few hours a week.
10. The first time my son said, "I love you mom."
11. Christmas morning with almost my entire family.

Thankful for each one of you that have been a friend along the way! Looking forward to what God will bring in 2012. His plan is the perfect plan. :)


  1. Love the idea!!! Hate making resolutions since I almost never make them happen!!! Happy New Year, lots of blessings to you and your little family!!!

  2. These are some great goals. Happy New Years!!

  3. These made me smile! Happy New Year, Anna! Many blessings to you in 2012!
    Love, Leigh

  4. happy new year! love the goals - and i hope to be better with handwriting letters too. i think i might need your address. ;)

  5. What a lovely list of goals. Happy 2012!


  6. I want to be better about calling people too!!

  7. Anna..those are great goals for the year..and very acheivable..I have no doubt you will be ticking them off at a speedy pace and with much pride.

    Looking forward to sharing those little triumphs with you ; )

    Anna x

  8. Happy new year Anna! All the best for you and your beautiful family this year ;)

  9. lovely post dear:)
    happy new year to u!

    new outfit on
    Patchwork à Porter

  10. Love your goals for the new year! And hopefully 2012 will hold a lot more happiness and blessings xo

  11. Thanks so much for sharing, such great goals. Getting back into running is top of my list, and hopefully training for my first half marathon, eekk!

    Just found your blog, following now!


  12. These are awesome goals, Anna! I started a prayer/scripture journal yesterday and I really hope I keep at it. So thankful to have found your blog and received your encouragement over the last few months. Wishing you a blessed, joyful 2012!

  13. I love your goals! 12 simple goals is so perfect, not too overwhelming :) I have really enjoyed following along on your journey this year, Anna. You are such an encouragement to me and so many. I wish you nothing but the best for the upcoming year!

  14. Wow, what an amazing year. I think I clicked open every single link in your list there, Anna :) Cheers to new adventures in 2012! xo

  15. happy new years!! those sound like great goals to help make a great year!!

    xx katie

  16. I'm so happy to have found your gorgeous blog via Lee La La! thanks for following and i'm looking forward to reading more about you and getting to know you better. blessings in this New Year!


  17. very well written and amazing goals for 2012! you are such an inspiration Anna, so thrilled to have "met" you! happy new year love!

  18. Great goals Anna. I also have more hand-written letters on my list too. Happy New Year!

  19. Happy New Year Anna!! I wish you the best for this upcoming year. Thank you for all of your support this past year with my blog! Here's to a wonderful 2012!! Toodles, Twirling Clare

  20. i love goal #9. i'm hoping to read, read, read this year too.

  21. I love the goals!! Especially #3!

    Also...as for #9...you're always welcome in Madison! ;)

  22. What a year you've had! I'd love to send more handwritten letters too :-) Hope 2012 is full of wonderful things for you, Anna!

  23. love that idea. i used it on my blog, too! thanks! and happy new year :)

  24. wonderful new year resolutions :) And wonderful things you have experienced in the last year.

  25. Those sound like great goals for 2012--I especially love the morning prayer goal. I'm hoping to make that a daily goal for myself as well. I hope this year is as successful as 2011 was!

  26. Dance lessons! Love that idea. What a great way to connect with your spouse. Have a terrific year and best of luck with all of your goals. Looking forward to following your blog in 2012.
    Oksana @ www.ordermatters.com/blog

  27. You've had a full 2011 and looks like wonderful goals for 2012...wishing you all the best!!

  28. Happy New Year Darling, all the best for 2012!

  29. Love your list of goals for 2012. You have so many firsts with your kids ahead of you... it's all so exciting. Dance lessons would be so much fun and a wee bit of a break from parenting. Good for you to know it was time to close the doors on the business and having the courage to do so. You have your priorities straight. Sorry for your losses in 2011 but it sounds like you had some wonderful additions to the family. xo

  30. These are great goals Anna! I hope you can post about them as you accomplish them :)

  31. Aww, I love this post! I hope the new year treats you well!

  32. Merry Christmas/Happy Everything to you. I really enjoy your beautiful posts. I appreciate your positive and joyful heart :)


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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