Wrapping as Red as Rudolph's Nose + Link Up!

As you may know, I am addicted to packaging ideas. 
Gabe and I get really excited to pick out what will be St. Nicks wrapping paper to the kids, and what will be the rest. I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby this year. Their wrapping paper is thick + it has a grid on the back to help cut straight lines. Double plus. Here are a few that are sitting under our tree...
Would LOVE to see your wrapping ideas! 
Link up below if you have a wrapping and packaging related post. It can be from whenever, and doesn't require a link back. You only need to leave a title and the link to the post! That way, everyone else can see your post as well:) If you create the post in the next week, definately link back so more people can join the fun!

Counting down the days till the big birthday of the King of Kings on the 25th!!


  1. Pretty, Pretty, Packages! I too love beautifully wrapped gifts...but I haven't started on any yet!

    A while back I saw a video that suggested using aluminum foil to wrap a gift. Sounds interesting...I might give it a try.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I use Hobby Lobby wrapping paper too! This year I'm using a simple brown with Christmas tree pattern; I wrap it up with twine and make a tag with glitter paper.
    You can see a few photos here: http://tragicandlovely.blogspot.com/2011/12/snapshots.html

  3. i love wrapping my gifts with the same thing i wrap my orders with - brown kraft paper, twine and poppies! sometimes i'll add ornaments on them to give it the holiday touch. love this idea too!

  4. love the polka dots and the glitter!

  5. I don't have a post to link, but I just wanted to say that this is a fabulous idea. Brilliant really. Thanks for doing this!

  6. Such pretty wrapping! I bought only the prettiest of paper this year and it's done me well so far :)

  7. I almost bought similar wrapping paper at The Container Store. Love it, especially with the silver glitter tags!

  8. Friend, these gist are just too beautifully wrapped, I wouldn't want open them! And what about the photo of your profile, how cute...

    ps: Colorful giveaway alert:

    Vanessa Adao

  9. so glad you did this link-up..i am loving it and finding great blogs. Makes me giddy! Eek!

  10. I just finished my thrifty gift wrapping and blogged about it here:


  11. oh, you are so good at everything. sheesh! i might get sick. haha! only kidding. those presents are lovely. i like the idea of wrapping santa gifts...


  12. these gifts are so cheery and bright!! i didn't do a blog post on my wrapped gifts, but my gift tags post from today has a photo of the 4 gifts :)

  13. i wish i were better at packaging gifts!!! you are soo creative!!

  14. Those look so beautiful! I love the red on red with the silver.

  15. I am exactly the same, my favourite part of christmas is where I sit down and have a big wrapping session :)

    -LAURA xx

  16. Very pretty these! Mine are pink with handmade paper doillies on top!

  17. love it! red is always so pretty during this time of year ! I'll link up as soon as I start wrapping (yeah, haven't even started yet.eheh)

    (and to answer your question, no, I don't think he would get help! It's to a point where people are starting to exclude this person because they just don't want to deal with it...:( )

  18. I love the classic red & silver!

    We're being really lazy this year with packaging. I'll be using Ikea gift wrap. It, too, has a grid on the back & has really fun scandinavian patterns.

    I've added a few of my tutorials!! Thanks. ;)

  19. Thanks for hosting! I am getting so many fun ideas!


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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