Small business guide: Tips 2 Take with You featuring Allisa Jacobs

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Oh how I love online shopping. It means that in the wee hours of the morning, before the house awakes,  I can browse, wish, and purchase. I can shop in my slippers & eat cereal from my mug. It also means I don't need to cart around the little one, braving the rain and crazy parking lots.  I'm actually not really a big shopper to begin with, I'd rather make or do....but this week I've done lots of browsing for gifts, baby showers items, and supplies.  What I found gave me lots of inspiration...but also taught me a lot about my own shop in terms of thinking like a buyer. 

Here's a few lessons learned while buying:
  • Welcome Me:  I love shopping on sites where I feel welcomed- maybe it's the phrases, the story, the images, the extra services.... something to make me feel like I'm not just sitting at home in my kitty pajamas at 4:30 in the morning, but the little bits to make me want to stick around and browse. 
  • Spell it out:  All those details are important...and I need to find them fast & quick. Please don't make me search & hunt around to find shipping costs, measurements, and ingredients. Think about your specific items and what shoppers would most likely ask about (e.g. do you sell delicious jelly candies? Please tell me the ingredients, a bit about the kitchen they are made in, and how they ship...)
  • Short & Sweet: I love clever descriptions and catchy lines to rope me in... buuuuttt...please avoid going on & on and telling the story before even getting to the good stuff- the product! 
  • Explain Yourself:  I ran across a few items that seemed to have mysteries attached...one had crazy high shipping - which I am ok with, IF you tell me why (priority rates, large sturdy box, heavy weight). 
  • Show off the Goods: Many items I perused were marketed as gifts...however, only a a few showed the packaging. This makes a big difference- I'm more likely to purchase something that arrives all cute with a tag and tied in ribbon than just a tossed in a mailer.  
I really hope to take some time and apply these lessons to my own shop soon.  
Have something to add to this list? Do tell! 

Thank you so much Allisa for sharing your fantastic advice!!
You can find a wealth of information on Allisa's blog about running a successful business. She is even coming out with an e-book soon on this topic! YAY! Take a moment to visit!


  1. These are great tips!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I`m adding your blog to my everyday reading :) It is full of so much interesting and useful tips.
    And congratulations about your little baby girl.

  3. oh i emediatelly run over to her blog! she has great advices and i will read them all. that such a great idea! :D thanks

  4. Such great info, all so true! Thanks for the into to Allisa's blog!


Love hearing from each of you. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! <3

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