DIY: Up-cycled Wallpaper Wrap

Grace from Grace Hester Designs asked me to help her with a fun task and create a DIY Wrapping idea that is kid-friendly.She is a new contributer over at Oh-My! Handmade

As an art teacher, I learned fast how to use the resources you have on hand to turn them into something fun and creative for the kids. If you have any old wallpaper samples, they actually make great gift wrap! You can also head to  a local interior design store and ask if they have any wallpaper books they are getting rid of. (That's how I got mine;) Relatives and friends love when there is a personal touch to their holiday gift. You can get your kids involved by asking them to trace the insides of their favorite cookie cutters on the back of the paper or embellish the front side. Coloring in and around designs with red, silver, or gold is a fun way to turn standard wallpaper into personalized Christmas wrap:) 
Here's to making the season merry and bright with your children on board!


  1. such a great idea! thanks for sharing!

  2. this is SO marvelous! thanks for sharing :)

    xo Alison

  3. What a great idea! I love being able to use something on hand or repurposing items that others aren't going to use. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Anna, well done on the challenge! I love that this is such a do-able idea for most families especially since most have cookie cutters. :o)

  5. That is such a wonderful idea. I love doing home art projects with my nieces...We are planning to make a wrapping paper with use of veggy stamps:) Wish you a lovely Holiday weekend

  6. I think personalized wrapping paper adds so much more to the actual gift inside. Thanks for the idea... I'm practically a kid when it comes to DIY projects :)

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend from Holland!
    Glocal Girl

  7. Totally, completely in love with this post!! I have been browsing Etsy for fun and unique holiday gift wrap :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, my friend.

  8. Just had to say HI! I am so proud of you and your blog! What a difference a year makes! You are rockin' it and makin' it happen! Congratulations!!!

  9. I always had a thing for customized gift wrapping. Love this post. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  10. Great idea... beautiful gift wrap that won't easily tear! xo


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