DIY: Playing Card Message Valentines

My hubby's birthday is the day after Valentine's Day, and so I am working on a series of fun handmade Valentine's for him. I am hoping he doesn't see this post..... I wanted to share one of these projects with you. I have seen some cute ideas before with playing cards-so this is my version. These are sooo easy to make and fun to receive! 

What you need: 
deck of cards (with red backs)
hole Punch
marker or stamps
wax paper
tape or glue
ribbon or raffia

1) I used the Ace- 4 of hearts and cut out the letters L-O-V-E out of cardstock and glued them to the back of the playing cards. Flip them over.
2) Stamp or write your own message on each card. (I did my first one upside down!-oops.)
3.) Hole punch and string together your cards using ribbon or rafia.
4) Fold up and make it accordion style.
5) Cut some wax paper to make a pocket. 
6) Slide in your card, seal, and tie ribbon or raffia around it:)

Have any fun DIY Valentine's links to share? Let me know!


  1. ADORABLE idea! Love this!

    P.S. SEVEN sisters?!?!?! Holy COW!

  2. So cute~ and great that it's things one might already have on hand! Love it!

  3. This is the cutest idea! I am always looking for something fun to do for Valentine's Day and I think this takes the cake. Love it and can't wait to try it myself.

    Thanks Anna!



  4. Thank you for sharing this :) It is precious!

  5. what a stinking adorable idea. love this!

  6. soooo CUTE!
    what a lovely idea :)
    thanks for sharing!

  7. omgosh, what a great diy idea! i love that u and ur husband create diy gifts for each other. such a sweet gesture! thanks for sharing:)


  8. You are so creative! I love these. I might need to do this project this week!

  9. Another creative and beautiful idea!

  10. I'm totally doing this for my husband, I'm almost finished :) I have printable valentines for kids at my blog http://wanderingnancy.blogspot.com/2010/02/little-valentine-for-you.html

  11. This is so cute! Just being going through all your DIY ideas, they are great!


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