Sunnies for 8 Please

I have been spending the week with my family, so when I saw this it immediately reminded me of my 7 sisters and I :) (We look a lot alike as you may have seen on facebook.) There has been lots of water side time since the heat is so unbearable unless you are in a body of water! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

I don't want to leave you without some fun links for your weekend:)
5 New Favorite Etsy Shops:
Vivid by Esther Jewelry
Skoope Home Modern Home Accessories
Sparrow Nest Script Postcards and Papergoods
Matine Shop  Clutches and Totes
The Knit Kid Clothing

What are some of yours???

P.S. The winner of the Casey Wiegand Giveaway is #5 Anne Hoeckman! (Will contact you for details)


  1. Cute! I still can't believe you have that many sisters!!

  2. You guys do look a lot alike! I had to look at that photo for a good minute before I could figure out which was you :). Have a great weekend!

  3. I recently came across the Vivid by Esther shop via a giveaway and fell in love with their shop! Such simple, pretty things :) Have a great weekend!


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