DIY Feature: Birthday Bunting Card

(Find the full instructions here.)

You can find the most adorable DIY's over at How About Orange. Who wouldn't love to receive a birthday card like this one? I always save the cards my little brothers and sisters hand make for my birthday. It always seem to mean so much more when you know someone put time and effort.

You have requested more DIY's and Tutorials so I will be bringing them to you! If you have one you would like to submit, please email me.

P.S. 6th Street Design School is having a week devoted to "Good Design with Kids in Mind". Some other momma bloggers and I have given our two cents on how to keep your home decorated while maintaining a kid friendly atmosphere. Stop on over!


  1. This is really cute. I need to make a card for my dad's birthday and I think he would be impressed with this!


  2. OMG!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!! LOVE IT! <333

  3. ok lady. I am SO happy you commented on my blog so that I could find YOURS! You are seriously AMAZING! Your little family is precious beyond words and I'm loving all the inspiration you've got going on here! I just know a majority of my weekend is gonna be spent pouring over your archives! I LOVE it! Again, thanks so much for commenting! :)

  4. I love this idea! I adore getting handmade cards because it feels so special to receive something that has taken time and love to create. :)

  5. love that! will you make me one for my birthday? :)

  6. so cute!! i cant get enough of bunting!! must try it!!

  7. Love this idea! I may do it just for cute little "hello" cards too.

  8. I love this idea..how adorable!


  9. Well, that is just adorable! And perfect timing -- I'm going to do this for my bf's bday next week.


    Cheers - existenceET.blogspot.com

  10. what a great idea for a card. it's so so cute!



  11. This is so cute, thanks for sharing! I can already see all my family will be getting Christmas versions of this card this year!x

  12. Totally adorable! Bookmarking this craft!


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