Meet the Blogger: Fiona of Fee-Amore

Q: In 5 words, describe Fiona
A: Blessed, Loving, Fun-ny, Colourful, Pictorial

Q: What got you to start blogging?
A: I was working and studying both at the same time, for quite a while. Until last year in March, I decided that i had enough! I just had to give up one of the two and ideally i chose to give up on my work. It was quite an easy decision to make. Apart from the stress i was in, i knew i wasn't exactly enjoying my work anymore too. Well, it was a good due reason to give myself a little break from the working world!

So with that, you could well say that I have a bit more time on my hands since. I started exploring and learning about the things that i love and enjoy but just haven't quite got the time to do so previously. Also, i started appreciating on the things that i never thought i would like or have an interest in. Through these, I stumbled and learned upon many inspiring inspirations and finds out there and i was keeping them all in the folders. Until they were multiplying at such a scary rate, i decided that a blog might well be what i need!

Q: You have an eye for Fashion, and you find beautiful designers that you feature on your blog. What elements of design do you look for in fashion?
A: Oh, thank you. Fashion to me, is like another form of art, design and creation of sorts. It can get very subjective. When i see something that i like, i fell for it almost instantaneously that most of the times i do not need a second look to decide, again. There are many wonderful and talented designers and or artists out there, i really enjoy the process in trying to understand and learn about the thoughts, concepts and creations behind each masterpieces by these talents. And to me, apart from the style and trend - fashion also have to means wearable too! What you see my on the blog, are personally something i would love to have in my closet. Well, hopefully.

Q: Where do you go for inspiration? ( This can be people, places, websites, etc.)
A: Inspirations for me, can come about from anywhere. It can comes about from the daily conversations and encounters i have with the people that i know or do not know. It can also be from the places that are either familiar or new to me. I just love the moment when inspiration hits me, even if i have been to that same place, many times. 

Q: What is something you cannot live without on a day to day basis?
A: Oh, it has got to be my camera! I almost cannot go anywhere without it! I like to stroll about anywhere randomly, when i get the time to do so. I would spring out my camera when i see an element or a subject that i really like or feel for, and capture that moment. I think, i like taking pictures a little too much!

Isn't Fiona fabulous? You can find more here:


  1. Great post, I recently discovered her blog and really enjoy it!
    have a lovely week Anna xo

  2. great feature! I adore fiona's blog :) and am happy to have found yours!

  3. Fiona has a taste of bit of everything and she's very good in research, I always look for her blog whenever I need an inspiration. Her blog looks so neat and chic too :)

  4. what a fabulous interview and post!! i love her blog soo much!

  5. Thanks for the interview~ I really like her blog a lot and reading this interview makes me feel like I know her a little bit better too =)

  6. Great Q&A! Love her blog. And yours too! Love what you do and that you're a mom too:)

  7. i love that she can't go a day without her camera! nice to meet her officially, and I already loved her blog!

  8. i love the series of the poppy colored dresses and shoes....!!!!!! can i have all three!?

  9. Ummm yes she is absolutley fabulous:-) Cute cute designs, will have to chk out more of her work

  10. fiona is the sweetest! thanks for this interview!

  11. Thank you so so much, lovelies! And thank you Anna, for having me over here. It was fun answering the questions! ;)

  12. fiona is oh so presh!!! i love her name, too! : )

  13. I love Fee-Amore! Her blog is full of wonderful pretty things, definitely inspirational.

    Hooray for having this feature! :)

  14. I love Fiona, thank you so much for featuring her! Thank also for your kind words on my recent post. You are so sweet and always make me smile! :)


  15. Great interview. Thanks for sharing. I love her blog.

  16. BIG fan of Fiona's...and now of your's too!

  17. fee-amore is a deaily read. lovely interview!

    xo Alison


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