Monday Inspiration: Meet the Busy Budgeting Mama!

For the first Meet the Blogger Interview, I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine....
The Busy Budgeting Mama! I can't say enough good things about Natalie...her beautiful family, talented design work and photography, and the way she handles it all. Here are some questions to get to know her better....AND she is having her first GIVEAWAY! Read on for more!

What made you start blogging?
I had just had my Sophia..and found myself nursing in one hand and reading and stumbling upon all these amazing blogs with the other! I bookmarked about a million pages and ideas and kept e-mailing them to friends or family. One day I decided to jump into the blogging world and share all of these finds! I love design and pretty things…and I love to talk and chit chat. So blogging was right up my alley! It’s been so fun. I even got my husband into it with his business! Blogging is contagious I’m finding. Hehe.

How do you find balance between your business, blogging, & being a Mom?
Super-mama motherhood! That’s what I’m shooting for! I think that I’m naturally very much a multi-tasker. I make lists constantly.. if I don’t have stuff going on I will create stuff for me to do..haha. maybe that’s why my 17 month old Sophia runs around the house singing “busy busy busy.” it’s all about priorities though..and knowing your limitations and that you will mess up or fall behind along the way but that is totally acceptable. I’m first and foremost a wife and mother..the fun of having my own small business and blogging is an added perk! I’m totally ok with missing a day of blogging if it means that Sophia will have clean clothes that day. Haha. 

Where do you get creative inspiration from?
Everything around me! From my family and friends..to my surroundings..to all the amazing blogs that I am a daily reader of! I have found so much inspiration through all of the women bloggers I’ve come across. They’ve really helped me to be a better cook..photographer..designer..mother even! Inspiration can come to you in very unsuspecting and random ways! 

Do you have a closet obsession? (aka secret guilty pleasure)
I’m not sure if this counts….but my guilty pleasure is watching Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights. I feel like it’s totally for teenagers swooning over their vampires but I have been sucked into it. Haha. My husband lovingly makes fun of me..and laughs at me when he walks in and I’m watching with the volume on like 2 because it’s a scary part (I’m scared easy. Don’t judge.)

Where do you want your business/blog to be in a year?
Oh wow.. I’m a planner that’s for sure but I really haven’t thought about this. As far as my business…I would love to be able to bring in a steady income while being a stay at home mom. Right now I work a part time ministry job that is super flexible and I love. But with baby #2 coming I’m gonna stop and focus on my babies and my business(I can take clients at my own pace). My blog..well it’s becoming more and more fun interacting with all of my visitors and the blogs I read. I would love to have a good amount of followers/subscribers who I can share with and learn from! I’ve already had clients line up because of my blog..which I didn’t expect at all. But I’m excited to have all of these ideas in one place..i can’t remember recipes for the life of me..when cooking i have my laptop in the kitchen to look up my own blog to make the recipes haha. One time that ended badly..sink water+laptop=not good.

What are three current favorite shops/and or blogs?
ooo how I can I choose just 3!!! Hmm. I must mention Lavendar and Lilies. You all have blogs that you go to on a regular basis and hers is one of mine! I always find concrete and practical ideas on her blog! Plus it’s just plain pretty. Hehe. Second..I’m all about entertaining! I want to have more kids just so I can throw more birthday parties..ok that’s not totally the reason but still…. Party Perfect  is an amazing blog full of inspiration for all your party planning. I read post after post on that blog. 
Lastly..and I’m just going on how frequently I go to the blog…but, In Honor of Design! I pretty much have to check your blog every day haha. I think it’s cause I know you and your family and love your style and what you post about. I drool over your Friday style posts. I think I should just start e-mailing those posts to my husband as a shopping list. I know..i’m brilliant.




  1. Thanks for the introduction! I love meeting new Mom-Bloggers :)

  2. This is such a fun idea. Love reading about other bloggers--especially busy Mommy ones!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, btw :)

  3. Anna!! thanks again for the interview! it was so much fun. i can't wait to check out the other bloggers you feature!!

  4. Thanks for the mention! I love the interview. These are so much fun.

  5. awesome idea, anna. i hope these interviews become a regular thing. it's always fun to hear about the bloggers and designers themselves.


  6. Great interview, very fun to read!

  7. Great interview Anna! Have a fabulous week!
    xoxo Laura

  8. really fun interview- I love her blog!

  9. This is a great interview. I had been to her blog along while back and had forgotten about it until about a week ago when I clicked on the link to her blog from yours.

  10. It's great to hear about fellow bloggers!

  11. AMAZING INTERVIEW! i adore that busy budgeting mama....natalie is awesome.

    great job!


  12. Natalie seems so sweet, what a fun interview. I'm inspired by all of the cooking/baking she shares on her blog. It always gives me ideas!


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