Weekend Recap: Christmas Tree and Snowstorm!

So we actually bought our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend. We were soo excited to get our first real tree together. Even though we will be traveling most of the Holidays we wanted that real Christmas tree scent for just a few weeks. At the tree farm you mark your tree with a giant flag....my husband felt quite heroic holding it victoriously:)

So busy filling all of the Christmas orders coming in....I have to rush to the post office before the snowstorm hits that is forcasted for the next few nights....I am missing my Atlanta weather right about now, but there is something marvelous about snow at Christmas time. I think Norman Rockwell captures this time of year perfectly....

Have a spirited Monday!!


  1. Norman Rockwell is my favorite. Love the one of putting on the tree topper!

  2. haha i love that photo of all of you~ gabe looks very proud of himself. ben would appreciate this..hehe.

  3. That's a pretty family! And yes your husband sure looked all proud and happy! Have a great week my dear.


  4. Norman Rockwell really was a brilliant artist.


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