Paperie Goodness

I have a fetish for paper goodies. I guess it is because I am a huge fan of snail mail, birthday wrapping, and handmade cards...things that make life personal. This amazing new shop has all sorts of fun little somethings to make all of the above that much better;) The name is Nice Package Shop . Check it out!!


  1. This excites me! I love personalizing Holiday gifts and such - This site is great!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am so impressed at how developed your blog is after just a few weeks. I am embarrassed at how terrible mine was at that stage. haha.

    These paper goods are adorable!


  3. Love this collection, beautiful! Wow, I love your blog...happy to follow! :)

  4. I love these selections! When i was younger I used to write in my journal everyday (in French) I would draw pictures,color them in with craypas and write poetry. Sometimes I would glue in postcards or snippings but it was so much fun! You have inspired me to start a new one! Aloha Anna

  5. So many pretties! Loving their new shop!

  6. Hi Anna! Thank you so much for sharing our shop with your readers!! x Marichelle + Ez


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